Evangelism Summit Flash Drive

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The Evangelism Summit Flash Drive includes a 15 session series on the office of the Evangelist. Please note this product is audio teaching provided on a USB Flash Drive. This series will cover various topics including:

Session 1- What is an Evangelist and Why is it important? 
Session 2- How do I get Open Doors to Preach the Gospel?
Session 3- How to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ Properly & With Power
Session 4- How to Give an Effective Invitation to Win the Lost
Session 5- Who Pays Me? How Do I Finance the Vision God Gave Me?
Session 6- Special Guest Dr. Rodney Howard Browne
Session7- 6 Bible Motivations for Soul Winning
Session 8- Special Guest Evangelist Ankit Rambabu
Session 9- The Impartation our Generation is Missing
Session 10- With Special Guest Pastor Tim Hall
Session 11- 9 Keys to Effective Preaching
Session 12- Avoiding the 10 Traps That Produce an Impoverished Evangelist
Session 13- Understanding Your Need for a Spiritual Father
Session 14- With Special Guest Evangelist Ted Shuttlesworth Sr. Part 1
Session 15- With Special Guest Evangelist Ted Shuttlesworth Sr. Part 2